Watching movies in VR worth it?

So far we have come across the use of VR technology in training purpose of scientific researches and for entertainment we are using various applications like games. This also includes branding like stuffs to market their products from 2 BHK flat to VR space games. In the very beginning of the year 2016 VR headsets were easily available for the consumers. With that the advancement of VR applications also took place. Now for the common people the use of VR is for entertainment let’s say for example games. But here is a thing if Virtual Reality has to reach to maximum people it should be more advanced and more user interactive in the field on entertainment.

Most of us like to play games but there is one thing that we all love to do, movies yes! we all love to watch movies. Each and every people belonging to different age groups likes to watch movies. Hollywood have already started thinking and working with this technology which includes studios like fox, paramount and many others.

Too many questions comes in our mind when we think of watching a movie in VR for the first time. how to watch in VR?, is it worth to watch it? and many others. There are different opinions of different people like some of them love to watch it at home, some at cinema halls. But these places have their pros and cons too. For many people watching movie at home is full of distraction and different background sounds created in our house for example someone visiting your place, sounds coming from kitchen area. Even sometimes our own cell phones creates distraction. Few people don’t like much crowed places, you bought movie tickets which you are willing to watch and it is a blockbuster and there are no seats available anymore are you going to enjoy it?

To avoid such things VR users are increasing day by day. They had amazing experience to watch a movie in head-mounted display. It’s called HMD. No distraction from cell phones, no crowed places you can watch in your own comfort zone. It feels like sitting in a virtual cinema hall. Virtual Kreation is one of the best companies who deals with such technology. We are best in Virtual reality as well as best in Augmented reality.

I would also like to share some things that you have to keep in mind before starting any movie in VR. You should take time to fit yourself in HMD. As you are going to stay in for a long time to avoid some temporary scars on your face. So take a couple of minutes more for a wonderful experience. Use a good quality headphones. If you are not comfortable with HMD, take it off and have a small break.