How VR is use in Restaurant ?

A Restaurant is the word which is commonly heard and it is the most famous around the globe these days.

Restaurants have always plays an important role in our social as well as business life of a wealthy society. Many personal functions and professional achievements are celebrated in restaurants. Functions such as marriage, engagements, birthday and graduation party and etc. are celebrated in restaurants.

Now a days, it’s not only a place where you come and eat but it’s also a good place where people can meet and spend some good time together. Being a public place every one can visit a restaurant, it’s designed for all the age groups. There are different types of restaurants around the world. They are categorized according to the food and beverages  they serve and the environment they have.

Rest and Bar Int ViewJust imagine that you are outside a restaurant and you see the people coming  through the door with unhappy and not satisfied faces. The floor and table cloths are not clean. If this happens in the area where you are suppose to eat just think what is going inside the kitchen. How would you feel if you have to clean the seat where you are suppose to sit with your hands. Would you like to visit such a place ? I guess you won’t. A dirty environment distracts customers and sometimes it leads to getting infected by some harmful germs.

Food quality is a not only a most important factor in a restaurant, there are many more like services, ambience, cleanliness, prices, employees like waitress, cooks, cashiers and etc. Employees plays an important roles in the rating of the restaurants. They need to be polite and well trained with that they can make good tips.

RestaurantIt is also important to use technology in this industry. Few food chains have started using it. Mobile, kiosks and Facebook ordering, digital menu boards, online coupons etc. Since we are talking about technology applications like 360′ video can help the person to know and see the restaurant  before he decides to visit.

The best of them is augmented reality. Just think that you are new to any place and you are looking for some good food, in that case if you have augmented reality application not only you would able to see the place but you can also  find a good route to reach there.