Virtual Reality

When you listen the word “Virtual Reality”, first thing that comes into our minds is what is virtual reality? and why people are talking over and over about it. I am here to give all your answers.

According to wiki “virtual reality is computer generated simulation of 3D image, or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a glasses with screen inside”.

Now-a-days everyone is using virtual reality in their day-to-day life. This technology had become so much popular that the education system is accepting it and converting it digitally, and this is called  “Digital Class Room”. Now studies are not boring anymore for students. Because instead of reading the text book and explaining on the board they are showing the video of particular chapter. which will be more helpful to the student in understanding.

There is another category of users whom it is very useful. In real estate industry it’s like a blessing for them. Because when they are selling any property, it’s a difficult task for them to explain customers that how will it look after completing it. And same way it’s a major concern for the purchaser also that how it will look, after their dream house gets ready. There are few applications which will help the user to build their house and allow them to do modifications like changing/swapping colors, materials, front door, railings, etc. Same way in interior area user can change the sofa color, wall color, floorings, kitchen cabinet color, material, faucets, toilets, etc. So all this above thing can be ultimately used as marketing tool and as well as it will be helpful to visualize the property so that the  buyers can purchase it quickly.

And there is a different community who is totally into this new technology, “The Gamers”. Gamers are using this technology for entertainment, there are big players who are providing the equipment for this technology, such as Microsoft, Oculus Rift, Google, and many more. Virtual reality is best for next generation gamers. And virtual kreation is amongst them who develops the virtual reality applications as well as games for their client. Virtual Kreation is best in virtual reality as well as augmented reality.