Smart Wearable Devices

There are too many devices available for the user now-a-days, like smart watch, smart bands, Google Glasses, Oculus rift, gear VR, Holo Lenses, etc. These are the thing which you can use it in your routine, for example if you are a fitness freak you can use Microsoft’s smart band or smart watch by any other companies like apple, Samsung or any other to track down how much calories you have burned while jogging and swimming. It will give you all the notifications like e-mails, messages, calls, etc., so user doesn’t have to worry while they are in important talk with someone they do not have to use their mobile phone and they can easily access the phone.

That was about the fitness freak people now a group of business oriented people, if they are in a meeting and they want to use their phone they cannot. Because it is not a good sign that you constantly use your phone during meeting. But if you can see that you have received  any important e-mail during the meeting user will immediately gets a notification on their band or watch and replay to that person and that won’t interrupt the meeting.

Now we do have another category which is not least from the marketing point of view, we do have technology freak people in this world, who wants to get updated with current technology. Any kind of new technology arrives they will be the first one to buy that technology. They might be using it for business purpose or for fitness thing or for entertainment also.

And the rare community is gamers which we can’t forget, because they are the people who purchase every device, every application and  uses every bit of this technology. And this community inspires the companies to come up with new technology, new devices, new products. They are the one, who always seeking for new challenges and becomes motivation to the companies to be more innovative.

In the end I want to conclude that the smart wearable devices are innovative and it made everyone’s life easy. It is helpful in our day-to-day life. Same way virtual kreation also tries to be innovative and created virtual reality application as well as augmented reality applications, which will be helpful to many people. Virtual kreation is best in augmented reality application and it is amongst the leading company in virtual reality technology.