How does Pokémon go work ?

For knowing how does it work? You really need to know that what is Pokémon go? People are crazy about Pokémon this days. Pokémon go is an augmented reality application, it is also called as a mixed reality.

In this game they have used the GPS as well as user’s camera, in which user will see the Pokémon. Pokémon go is a simple application in that developers have assigned the locations, which might be private property or any public tourism place, where people come together and play the game. So if you want to play Pokémon go you have to install the application from app store and then application will ask for permissions like using your camera as well as your location. If you don’t allow it your game won’t start. After installing the game choose your team that is red, green, blue, etc. and then start searching nearby Pokémon, if it’s not far from you, then you can see the leg sign (Which means it’s a walk able distance). And if it’s far from you then you can go by car, bike, or bicycle.

There are also some pros and cons for this particular game. We have recently saw the news in which people stopping their cars on highway for capturing the Pokémon, which is not good thing for user as well as the other people, who is travelling with you. Now if we talk about the pros then in this game you cannot capture Pokémon while sitting on the couch, you have to get up and walk around for capturing one. So that helps the people in exercise. It also helps in marketing/advertising tool like if you allow Pokémon near to your place, then people will attract to that place and visit the place. Then government also can use it for tourism, for example in Paris, France they can place Pokémon near the Eiffel tower, so that might increase the revenue for tourism. Even you can get to know more about the place where you live. Because you have to roam around and you might end up meeting new people. But there also you have to take care if you are going by walk or in car or any other vehicle.

After seeing people playing Pokémon go, it reminds me of angry birds, there was a craze for this game too. But now new technology came and people always wants something new, innovative. And that is what virtual kreation is providing, we are best in augmented reality application development as well as in virtual reality developments also.