How long in VR is too long ?

Virtual Reality technology has grown and expanded widely over the last couple of decades. Previously this technology was used in aeronautics companies for testing designs and in medical field for training purpose.

These days VR technology is also used for gaming purpose and it is interesting. The use of virtual reality applications is increasing day-by-day. Many people have explored and experience the places which they possibly couldn’t see or couldn’t even visit, for example battling in space in other galaxies to taking a virtual tour of different places halfway across our planet.

To experience these things in VR takes time. It doesn’t matter what kind of game or application you choose to play the important thing is to know how much time you can spend in Virtual Reality. Continuously staying connected in VR may cause some issues. So it is very important to know to how much time you can spend in Virtual Reality.

Now before you get ready and become comfortable on a swivel chair to spend some time in Virtual Reality to play your favorite game on your Gear VR or Google Cardboard, you need to be sure that you are having a proper amount of battery on your phone so that you can enjoy the wonderful experience of Virtual Reality. Be sure to check the rating of the application which you are willing to play and also check it weather it is in your comfort zone or not. There are Few games which are also responsible for causing some motion sickness. So be prepared.

Everyone loves to use VR technology and are willing to spend hours and hours inside the VR headset but there are only few people who can do it, I mean not everyone just few peoples. You have to be conscious about your device weather it is heated or not . So eventually you have to leave the virtual world until the device gets on room temperature. But what if you are willing to stay longer time without taking any breaks. For those people, PC VR setups like HTC Vive or Oculus Rift are also available in the market which extends your time limit.

For those guys who are using PC VR setups, make sure you don’t end your experience with tired and exhausted eyes or paining legs after several straight hours of playing. There is an option to avoid such an ending and it is to take breaks on regular intervals. For example after one hour of Virtual Reality you can just take a small break of fifteen to twenty minutes. Mean while stretch your body have some water and get relax in real world. Remember guys never ever try to push your limits in VR.

Not every application of VR is same. Different applications needs different physical activities like some of them require full body movements while some of them require only few body parts. Always remember, listen what your body is saying to you. Know your own limits. If you are tired and felling low just leave the VR and enter back to real world have some food, water, do some necessary activities. Virtual Kreation is one of best companies in making Virtual Reality applications with that we are also best in Augmented Reality applications.