As we all know there are six different and basic areas in any house which are kitchen, dining, living area, bedrooms, bathrooms and storage area. Usually kitchen and dining area are combined together and near to it there is a living area.

Food and consumable items are kept in kitchen area as well as storage area. So basically food is prepared in the kitchen and we all know that but what if the kitchen is designed by a designer. The perfect proportions of furniture and peaceful colors make it look lavishing and elegant. Equipments like stove, sink, refrigerator, microwave, oven etc. makes the kitchen area complete.  Since kitchen, dining and living area are together it makes the most visible places in the house.

The house with a good kitchen impresses the guests. Usually females use to spend more time in the kitchen because they use to cook for all. If the kitchen area is well designed according to their needs they fell more comfortable in kitchen while cooking  for example modular design, good quality of materials used to build kitchen etc. Kitchen is the most clean area in our house and due to that we are able to eat delicious and healthier food. But this was just about residential kitchen where the designing part is more focused rather than it’s usage and functionality because only few people are going to use it at a time.


In case of commercial kitchens it’s totally a different thing and thinking. Commercial kitchens are found in hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, schools, colleges and many other places.  Just because of their use the space required to complete a commercial kitchen is larger than compared to residential kitchen. They have larger equipment compared to residential kitchens, more people are going to work in that area at a time  so they require a good walking space and they are designed in such a way that it is  easy to maintain, so that they can cook well and prepare delicious and healthier food for their customers.

Technology in this field has also improved day by day just to make easy to prepare and to maintain its quality. But what if you are not able to visualize the kitchen area before you built it? Virtual reality and augmented reality can help you to visualize  it. You can try new color combinations  on your kitchen cabinets, change your tiling designs and do lots of stuff. Virtual kreation has already developed an virtual reality application as well as augmented reality application for kitchen area. Virtual kreation is best in virtual reality and augmented reality technology.