There are mainly two types of games.

1> Indoor Games and

2> Outdoor Games.

Indoor games includes all cardboard games, console games, etc. Whereas Outdoor games includes the all sports like football/soccer, Badminton, Tennis, Cricket, Baseball etc.

Why games are important in our lives? It is important, because it develops sportsman spirit in a person. Game is not about winning or losing, it’s all about taking part and enjoying yourselves. Where as some people might be taking it too seriously and can not take it as a sport and all they want to is a win. They can’t take it that they have just lost the game, that’s not good for them as well as for others. Because that kind of attitude might hurt someone. Let’s just assume that these kind of people does not exists anymore.

Now-a-days kids are playing mobile games more, so we asked some of them that what’s more attractive thing in this game! so they simply said we like the colors and sounds made by characters, and that gives happiness to them. Even though they loose they laugh, dance, and that’s the reason games are made for kids.

That was about kids, we have some serious gamers, who play games whole day as well as night without having food. we do know some people who work/study during the day time, while during night they participate in gaming and play the pc games/console games. They are living/experiencing  a totally different phase of life. They have created their own virtual world, where they can be what they want to be in that world and no one will have problem with that. Unless that virtual character comes to real world.

There are third type of gamers also who earns from games, they have chosen games as their profession, like us we develop games, test the games, try to find the glitches/bugs and fix them, for better user experience.