Floor plans

It would be really difficult for a normal people to visualize a entire planning of a house with the help of just walls. Thanks to floor plan it is a lot easier to understand the planning of house, directions of different things and areas, how the furniture layout is going to be, different appliances and its positions and it also includes measurements. Floor plans is also used in marketing and communicating with buyers and renters. It is a very important tool for real estate agents as well as the buyers.

floor-plan-BIn early days, a floor plan was a drawing or diagram which is in a perfect proportion or scaled of any architectural structure. But these days floor plans are used in different  industry as well, let’s have a interesting example of it. There are two movie theatres both are good and have wonderful sound quality and seats. But one of them provides a floor plan of seats and allow us to chose which ever we want, in which theatre would you like to go? The one which provides the floor plan or the one which doesn’t.

We all are aware of 3 dimensional and colorful floor plans because it is used widely these days. But let’s recall our past, before getting into interactive and 3d visualization we were using a simple floor plan which had no color and those were drafted manually with pencils and it takes a lot of time. It was a very initial stage of 2d floor plans. Technology upgrades every day, so software’s were designed to avoid manual drafting and it saves time. Even it also helps designers to design furniture layout, electric detail, false ceiling and other things too.

floor-plan-B-editFurther they came with colors and more interactive 2d drawings which included detailed work and now we are currently using highly detailed and 3 dimensional floor plans to visualize how will it look after getting complete including the furniture.

As I have said before technology upgrades every day, we have step-in the world of virtual reality application as well as augmented reality application. Virtual reality applications and augmented reality applications are a new face of floor plan. Imagine seeing your floor plan in augmented reality. we can see from different views and angles, rotate it, even we can change few stuffs like colors and many more. Similarly you can roam in your house using virtual reality with VR glasses. Experience  it with your eyes how it will look after getting complete.