Colors in Technology

Without colors everything would be in monochrome. Just imagine the entire world in it including nature like old movies. Everything would have the same effects of black and white shade. Even colors shows our emotions for example most of the people when they blush the color of their face changes or when they laugh too hard it also changes. When you cry or you are not sleeping for a long time  your eye color gets changed.

Colors are very important to express yourself. It also helps us to get an identity let’s say for example what is the colour of apple? we say it’s red. what are the colors of grape ? we say it’s green and black. without colors would you be able to recognize similar looking fruits ? the answer is no. Different colors have different meanings. For example red is color of passion, energy and anger. Orange is for optimism. Green symbolises for balance and growth. Blue is color of trust. White stands for peace. Each color is important and unique.

We all love nature just because of its color and it includes everything. From the top of the sky to the bottom of the sea nature is covered with colors. Imagine fishes without color, marine life would not be that interesting as it looks today when we see their astonishing and wonderful colors. There would be no magnificent views of nature as we see or capture them in camera. Even if there is a change in weather, nature changes the colors too for example spring is full of color, snow changes nature into white color.  In short without colors we won’t be able to appreciate the mother nature as we do today. Now let’s talk about man made things.

What if you were wearing a same colcolorsor cloths everyday for your entire life with just different patterns. No color means no fashion, no make ups, no eye shadows, no hair color and etc. We won’t be able to see attractive houses, imagine all the buildings without colors. No color also means no graphic works. No CGI, VFX and etc. We all have seen those black and white computers, imagine living with that in 21st century. In the Past few years technology in displaying colors have improved a lot. Due to this improvements we are able to use good colors in applications like virtual reality and augmented reality for a better and delightful experience. So we now say that we can see colors virtually.

Thanks to those brilliant minds we are able to blend those vivid and astonishing colors in graphic works. Choosing right color for your design it a important thing. Not only designing it also includes presentations, marketing and other business related stuffs. Colors have different meanings in this areas. For example let’s say yellow is the most happiest color in the color spectrum but we are not able to use it in our presentations because it creates an illusion on screen that they are vibrating. Let’s see an interesting image of colors used by famous brands. 

The above image shows that Orange depicts the Confidentiality, cheerfulness as well as friendliness. And Grey color represents calmness, neutrality and balance. So Virtual Kreation is confident with their work and represents it well. Virtual Kreation is one of the leading company in India who develops the Augmented reality applications, Virtual Reality Applications as well as Hololense Applications for their clients.