Bedroom VR

Bedroom is one of the most important part of any house. It’s most important because we spend more than one third of our life in it. Now you might be wondering kitchen is also a most important part of any house because you cook and store food in it. Living area is also important because we can spend a quality time with our family members, relatives or dear ones. These places are designed to keep privacy of our family. But what if one individual is seeking of his own privacy and comfort zone? yes it’s common every individual wants it.

The first thing that strikes in our mind when we hear bedroom is privacy or vice a versa. Bedroom is the only place where you can get it. We can close our door or even we can lock it by saying to everyone in the house that don’t disturb me or whatever. Every member of the house has its own bedroom like parents room for their own privacy, elders room, younger kids who want their own privacy even they can have it. Now-a-days people also thinks about the privacy of their guest so they also have a guest room.

BedroomUsually we use it when we want to sleep and a good quality of sleep leads to a healthy and active life. Besides this we keep our personal possessions in it. It’s only because those things are important to us and have certain meaning or we don’t want anyone else to touch it.

Bedroom is a place where we can be comfortable or we can just relax. It’s a place where you can be yourself. When we are tired or not felling good we just go in our room, lay down on bed and relax. Some people like to read books or magazine, others like to listen music or they do different activities to get relaxed. But mine favorite thing is to play games. Not that board games like chess and something like that But what I like is video games which we can play on television, mobile phones, computers and etc.

Since we are taking about games, these days there is a trend of VR gaming. For those who don’t know VR is “Virtual Reality” and it makes us fell as we are in the game environment because it is played with virtual reality glasses and it also needs our body movements to play it. And the other one is called as AR gaming and AR stands for “Augmented Reality”. Even AR is also amazing because you can play games in your own environment.