Augmented Reality in our day to day life…

What is Augmented Reality?

The answer is very simple, Augmented Reality(AR) is a live view of  computerized input such as 3D Object, Video, GPS or Graphical data, combined with real world and that becomes Augmented Reality.

Why do we need Augmented Reality?

There are many reasons to have augmented reality in our day to day life. Here we have some of the examples of that.

  • Augmented Reality in Education :


When we say the word “LION” to the children. They don’t know what is lion, how does it looks, how it walk and roars. At that time if you have augmented reality application on the device, then you can use it and show it to the children and that will help them to improve their visualizing skills.

Now if a science student is learning something from the text book. And in that book, some figures are drawn, which might be the difficult to understand by just watching at it. But for same thing, if the student is have an AR App, then he/she can scan that particular figure and, that figure comes live in animation and that will be very easy for understand with less efforts. Even scientifically it’s proven that user can learn quicker when they watch it, instead of reading, which is not much interesting.

  • Augmented Reality in Automation :


When it comes to automation, normally people do not have much knowledge about it. So they have to go through the user manual, which is not interesting to read. But instead of the book, what if you have an AR Application. Which will help you to know more about your car, Interesting right!.

  • Augmented Reality it Real Estate :


Real estate is a huge field in which we do have buyers and sellers. In Real Estate buyers have many questions in mind while they are buying any property, while purchasing a new house. And at the same time they aren’t sure about the changes like flooring, sofa color, wall color, exterior wall color, etc. So at that time user need an AR Application in which user can see the house, make their changes and that will be helpful to the buyer to make a quick decision.

So in these ways Augmented Reality Application makes our day to day life a lot easier.