About Gym

When it comes to gym, the first word that strikes our mind is “WORKOUT” oh! really? huh….
Yeah but it’s true. There are many health conscience people today. Many of these people also enjoy working out in the gym.Basically there are three different kinds of people who joins gym.

  1. One timers
  2. Buddies
  3. Dedicated ones.

One timers are those who try to pretend that they are health conscious, but they are not. Also they plan fitness as a new year resolution. Hahaha one of the most common thing found in them is lack of motivation.

Lets talk about buddies, These are the people who join a gym only if they know someone at that place. This is because, they fell boring and less motivating when they workout alone. Many people enjoy working out with a companion and will only go to the gym with another buddy.

And Last but not the least Dedicated one’s, these people are the most health conscious compared with others. They will go to gym at any conditions. These kind of people have a good importance of health in their lives. They have plenty of motivation and can also go alone at gym. Being health conscious seems like a easy part of life but not everyone can be dedicated and can stay with it for an entire life. When it comes to going to the gym there are many excuses that a person may have.

In today’s lifestyle staying fit is a important thing. A person’s body is a remarkable thing. it was and it will. lets take a interesting example of it.

A construction worker, who works in a field has a strong, lean and healthy body build which includes more muscle and less fats. A person who sits and eats all day has a fatty, weird and unhealthy body build which includes more fats and less muscles.

Working out can help a person to gain strength, lose weight, and improve their confidence. there are different kinds of workout. Lets have their few examples.

  1. Weight training
  2. Cardio.

Remember one thing working out increases your strength mentally as well as physically.

In weight training when a person lifts weight, it damages muscles and then it needs to heal. While healing, the muscles grow new tissue and fibers, thus enlarging the body’s muscle mass. The new fibers and tissues are stronger and more resilient than the older fibers and tissues. Cardio workouts put a steady amount of stress on the entire body, particularly the heart and lungs. Due to this heart forces blood more efficiently. Every person has a daily need of calories, based on their metabolism and the kind of work they do in their day to day life’s.

A good atmosphere and equipment is also necessary for it.